My nozzle adjuster isn't working like I think it should. Help!

Ass-istance is here! The nozzle adjuster switch should easily aim the water stream forward and backward. If you’re not getting good movement, make sure there’s enough room between the nozzle and the rim of the toilet bowl. 

You should observe a 1/2-inch range of movement—so be sure the nozzle has enough room to swing up and back. To adjust, slide your TUSHY forward on the bowl in the furthest position available in the adjustable flanges. Voila! The nozzle stream should now be blasting your bullseye. 

Visual learner? Watch this video (on the crapper):

If you have an original model TUSHY, not the 3.0, and your nozzle is still bumping up against the rim of the toilet. Just grab these extenders to give your nozzle more room to dance!

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