My seat doesn't sit right anymore!

Sorry to hear about this, nobody likes a wonky seat for pooping. The good news is this is usually a pretty solvable issue!

Generally, the seat flaring up is due to a seat's concave shape getting caught on the TUSHY. Please first make sure that the seat is all the way forward and the TUSHY all the way back to resolve this issue if it exists.

Here's a helpful video with our Installation Guide, Carrie, on how to connect the seat to the toilet with TUSHY.

You could also use a spacer that is something like this. It would lift the angle of the seat ever so slightly so that the hinge doesn't get in the way if that's the trouble. They are super cheap at any hardware store. Just make sure the inner diameter is at least 3/8 of an inch which is how wide the toilet screws are.

If that doesn't do the trick you can try bumpers like these, which would adhere to the bottom of your toilet seat and make it sit flat when you sit down. A lil bump for your bum!

Adhesive Toilet Seat Bumpers

If you're still having issues, we would just recommend grabbing a new toilet seat. Here are examples of ones that work just fine:

For a round toilet

For an elongated toilet

Most molded wood seats should work just fine! Just make sure it's the right shape for the bowl, i.e. round vs. elongated. Once you get your seat right, you’ll be prepped for optimal poopage.

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